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Photo Of Dummy Presented As Wounded LAX Shooter By Media

Published: November 3, 2013
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Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News

The New York Post has just released an insanely ridiculous photo claiming to show the Los Angeles airport (LAX) shooter lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood.  Anyone who has even just a little bit of common sense should be able to discern that this is completely faked.  This is just more evidence indicating that this entire event is yet another hoax to justify more gun control and more government power.  The photo is shown below.

First off, the body looks like a dummy that would be used in a crisis drill or an exercise.  It doesn’t even look like a real person.  It appears as if they took a dummy and painted its face with fake blood.

Secondly, the supposed blood on the ground doesn’t even look like real blood but instead looks like somebody squirted a few gallons of ketchup on to the carpet.  Even if we were to somehow assume that this is real blood from a human being, why is there very little blood on the body?  If all of that blood came out of someone’s body their clothes would have been drenched in bright red.     

Third, the shooter was described as wearing anything from a TSA uniform, camouflage, dark clothing and even a bulletproof vest.  The various descriptions of the shooter’s clothes don’t match up at all with what we are being shown here in this picture. 

Fourth, the dummy that is shown in the photo doesn't even resemble the photos we've seen of this so-called Paul Anthony Ciancia character who we have been told is the shooter.  More analysis of this can be found in this article linked here.

As pointed out by the people at what is depicted in the photo is likely a casualty simulation dummy known as a Dapper Cadaver.  The company that sells these props is based out of Sun Valley California a town which is located in the greater Los Angeles area.  The Dapper Cadaver undoubtedly resembles what is shown in the photo.

With everything else we already know about this alleged LAX shooting, this bogus photo provides even more evidence that this entire incident was staged.  If anything it makes for some good comic relief but that's about it.  Maybe the FBI which seems to have been heavily involved in this operation from the start will do a better job when it is time for them to stage their next event.        

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