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Federal Spending Bill Appropriates Taxpayer Dollars to Be Used to Spread Pro-GMO Propaganda

As more food companies are opting to go “GMO-free” in response to rising public awareness, Monsanto and the biotech industry can count on their friends in government to help counter the movement.

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AT&T Buries Language In Missouri Traffic Bill To Hinder Broadband Competition

Prompted by AT&T, Missouri passed a state law in 1997 that hamstrings towns and cities looking to build local networks to shore up broadband coverage gaps. Since then, AT&T has made repeated attempts to expand those restrictions further, fearing a growing rise in public/private partnerships from the likes of Google Fiber, Ting, or the countless towns and cities tired of AT&T's pricey, slow broadband service. After a failed attempt last year, AT&T this year introduced protectionist bill HB 2078, shortly after shoveling $62,000 in campaign contributions to state leaders.

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Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Won’t Be Released Until After the Election

The State Department says it won’t release any documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s email security procedures and protocol until after the November presidential election.

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How a FOIA Request into Hillary Clinton's Emails Revealed a Criminal Investigation

Last weekend, Hillary Clinton dispatched her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to offer a defense of her alleged espionage. The espionage allegations against her are that in order to escape public and Obama administration scrutiny, she had all of her emails as secretary of state diverted from a secure government server to a non-secure server in her home in Chappaqua, New York, and, in so doing, failed to protect state secrets in at least 2,200 instances during her four-year tenure.

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Catastrophic California quake due at any time, warns seismologist

California could be hit by a massive earthquake at any time, a leading seismologist warned a national conference Wednesday, potentially killing thousands of people and costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

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US Intelligence Officer Sues President Barack Obama Over Legality Of ISIS Fight

A U.S. Army captain filed a lawsuit against President Barack Obama Wednesday, alleging that Obama does not have the authority from Congress to wage the fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The suit comes after an American serviceman became the third soldier to be killed in Iraq since U.S. troops pulled out from the country in 2011.

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Qatar National Bank: Database leak gives data on al-Jazeera journalists and British 'spies'

A 1.4GB trove of internal documents, files and sensitive financial data purporting to be from the Qatar National Bank (QNB) has been leaked online. The massive data dump appears to contain hundreds of thousands of records including customer transaction logs, personal identification numbers and credit card data. Additionally, dozens of separate folders consist of information on everything from Al Jazeera journalists to what appears to be the Al-Thani Qatar Royal Family.

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It's Official: The FDA Now Regulates Vaping

Vaping is now federally regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the government agency announced Thursday. The long-anticipated final regulations were officially revealed, including prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18, banning free samples of e-liquids, and maintaining a pivotal grandfathering date that the vaping community says will seriously threaten the industry.

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5 Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse is the Prevailing Metaphor for Our Times

When we hear tales of Homer and his Odyssey we also receive cues we need to uncover the strength and perseverance required to face personal challenges. When we follow Ahab on his journey against the white whale, we are shown, in metaphor, the perils of our own intensely burning fires of vengeance and obsession, and thus warned on a deep level of the folly of allowing one’s lowest nature to dominate the higher self.

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The U.S. Navy now has an unmanned drone warship. Could it be hacked at sea?

The U.S. Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are now testing a new unmanned drone warship. The first Navy drone ship is a 132-foot ACTUV (Antisubmarine warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel) known as Sea Hunter, which cost around $120 million to build. The military says more can now be produced for $20 million or so each. But some are concerned that with no humans at the controls, these “robot ships” could be hacked, pwned remotely, and used by America's enemies to attack the United States.

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Lawmaker: It’s Okay To Aim Guns At Cops If They Aim At You First

“I would never, ever point my firearm at anyone, including an officer of the law, unless they pointed their firearm at me,” asserted Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore in an interview with Steve Sebelius of KLAS-8. “Now, once you point your firearm at me, I’m sorry, then it becomes self defense. So, whether you’re a stranger, a bad guy — or an officer — and you point your gun at me; and I have to decide whether it’s my life … well, I choose my life.” Fiore’s obviously explosive statement comes amid her run for the Republican Party nomination for an open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. During the interview, she characterized the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM), in its overreach, as “nothing more than … a bureaucrat agency of terrorism.” Sebelius queried Fiore on whether she felt Second Amendment protections should allow citizens the right to brandish their firearms at a “duly authorized law enforcement officer who is just out there doing his job.”

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DOJ Says Clinton Probe is Now Criminal as Romanian Hacker Admits ‘It Was Easy’ to Hack Her

As the 2016 presidential race begins to wind down, the ongoing criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal emails has an urgent relevance — despite her campaign’s best attempts at dismissiveness. While it quickly became apparent in the early stages of the investigation Clinton had, indeed, sent classified information through a personal server located in her Chappaqua, New York home, there had not been confirmation that information had actually fallen to the eyes of a third party. Until, perhaps, now. Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, known by the moniker “Guccifer,” exclusively told Fox News he easily — and repeatedly — breached Clinton’s personal server in early 2013.

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Turkey PM To Quit, Handing Even More Power To Erdogan: What This Means For Turkey

Yesterday when we reported on the dramatic plunge in the Turkish Lira, which crumbled the most since 2008 on a report that a denied AKP party convention was going to take place, we predicted that this means a resignation of PM Davutoglu, who having been caught in a bitter power struggled with president Erdogan would likely resign, we said "if the convention is confirmed, it means that Turkey is about to be swallowed in yet another bitter political crisis, which will likely result in Erdogan concentrating even more power, unless of course he is stopped which in turn would meat more rioting, more civilian casulties, and even less media freedom to describe one nation's collapse into a despotic, authoritarian state."

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Federal Spending Bill Appropriates Tax Payer Dollars to Be Used to Spread Pro-GMO Propaganda

As more food companies are opting to go “GMO-free” in response to rising public awareness, Monsanto and the biotech industry can count on their friends in government to help counter the movement. A paragraph tucked into a new spending bill would give the green light for a government propaganda campaign on behalf of GMO giants.

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Vice Media Sends Cease And Desist To ViceVersa Over Trademark Infringement

We're going to have to keep hammering this home until more people get it: trademark law is about preventing confusion in the marketplace. The reason why that needs to be understood is that just about every time you read a story about one entity going after another over a trademark issue, the refrain of "we must protect our trademarks or we lose them" is trotted out like some kind of bower card that trumps the rest of the discussion. That excuse is just that: an excuse. And it certainly doesn't lift from those that use it the burden of being called trademark bullies.

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Facebook Blacklists Trending News Stories Daily, Contractors Say

Speaking on condition of anonymity to Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez, several journalists, hired by Facebook in 2014 to oversee its secretive “trending news” project, revealed new details on how the company handles the day’s news. Known internally as “news curators,” the contractors say they were given the ability to “deactivate” or blacklist any trending topic if it wasn’t being covered by minimally “three traditional news sources.” “A topic was often blacklisted if it didn’t have at least three traditional news sources covering it, but otherwise the protocol was murky—meaning a curator could ostensibly blacklist a topic without a particularly good reason for doing so,” Nunez writes, although curators insist the system wasn’t abused.

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For First Time, Scientists Grow Two-Week-Old Human Embryos In Lab

Scientists have for the first time grown human embryos outside of the mother for almost two full weeks into development, giving unique insight into what they say is the most mysterious stage of early human life.

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Google Now Has Access To Millions of Patient’s Medical Records

According to documents obtained by the New Scientist, the data sharing agreement between Google-owned artificial intelligence company DeepMind and the Royal Free NHS Trust gives access to the sensitive healthcare data of millions of NHS patients. The chilling and wide-reaching deal allows DeepMind access to the medical records of the 1.6 million people passing annually through the three London hospitals owned by the Trust — Barnet, Chase Farm, and the Royal Free.

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Voter Fraud Activist Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

Voter fraud activist, Gary Welsh, who broke the story about the gay foam sex parties that Marco Rubio took part in, has been found dead in his apartment under suspicious circumstances. Authorities are yet to give an official reason for his death, but have hinted that the death was potentially suicide. The political blogger had also written an ominous blog post last week predicting that Donald Trump would win Indiana, shortly before police found his body.

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Majority Of Germans Think The Media Is Controlled By Political, Economic Elites

According to a recent survey, the majority of people in Germany view the news media as simply a pillar of the government and the powerfully elite. Only one third of the respondents think that the German news media is truly independent,while the majority view the government and parties as having control over particular policies, and the lobbyists and advertisers having control over the economic news.

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