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The EPA, Homeland Security's newest army

EPA even has electromagnetic weaponry! According to a new report by the watchdog group Open the Books. “Everyone is under the impression that the EPA is spending money to ‘clean the environment.’ But, it turns out EPA is running a $160 million PR Machine, $715 million police agency, a near $1 billion employment agency for seniors, and a $1.2 billion in-house law firm,” said Adam Andrzejewski, the founder of Open the Books.
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Ron Paul: Politicians Exploit School Shootings While Ignoring Bombing Victims

Following the recent Oregon school shooting, many politicians rushed to the microphones to call for new gun control laws. President Obama even called on gun control supporters to “politicize” the shooting, while some members of Congress worked to establish a special commission on gun violence. The reaction to the shooting stands in stark contrast to the reaction to the US military’s bombing of an Afghanistan hospital run by the international humanitarian (and Nobel Peace Prize winning) group Doctors Without Borders.
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Lawmakers: U.S. plan for Internet may be unconstitutional

President Obama’s plan to “internationalize” the Internet may be unconstitutional, key members of Congress are claiming. The group of lawmakers sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office last week, saying the plan to relinquish oversight of Internet domain name functions to a global, multi-stakeholder body raised questions about the administration’s “authority to transfer possession and control of critical components of the Internet’s infrastructure to a third party.”
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How Do You Prepare a Child for Life in the American Police State?

“Fear isn’t so difficult to understand. After all, weren’t we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf.” ― Alfred Hitchcock In an age dominated with news of school shootings, school lockdowns, police shootings of unarmed citizens (including children), SWAT team raids gone awry (leaving children devastated and damaged), reports of school resource officers tasering and shackling unruly students, and public schools undergoing lockdowns and active drills, I find myself wrestling with the question: how do you prepare a child for life in the American police state?
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Moscow’s Embassy Rocketed After U.S. Armed Al-Nusra Calls for Killing Russians

After the U.S. provided “insurgents” in Syria with tons for ammunition and weapons, the Russian embassy in Damascus was struck by two rockets. AFP reports claim the rockets were fired by “Islamist rebels” from the eastern edge of the capital. Around 300 people were outside the embassy demonstrating in support of Russia’s effort to bolster the al-Assad government and target jihadi and other U.S. and Saudi proxies.
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Debtors’ Prisons may be Illegal, but they still Exist in Texas and Washington

A debtor in London's Fleet Street Prison, early 19th century (graphic: Thomas Hosmer Shepherd, Wikimedia) Going to prison for being poor is supposed to be illegal in the United States, but courts in at least two states are still locking up people for being unable to pay fines for minor offenses.
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Warning to World as Most Powerful State, in Midst of Major Power Grab, Exalts “Genocidal Madman” Columbus

The US today provides another illustration of why one state should never dominate global affairs: states, like individuals, largely lack self-awareness. Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out that the US is “perhaps the only nation” that was “born in genocide”. “Moreover”, he said, the US celebrates genocide as “a noble crusade,” and US “literature, …films, …drama, …folklore all exalt it.”
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US Military Airdrops Tons of Ammo to New Rebel Group in Syria’s North

A group of US cargo aircraft airdropped overnight some 50 tons of small fire ammunition and explosives to rebels in northern Syria’s Hasakah province, CNN reported Monday citing a US official speaking on condition of anonymity.
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FACT: Gun Deaths are DOWN. Way Down, Actually…

This isn’t news to me or you, because we pay attention and are well aware about how much the left lies about “gun deaths.” However, it is news to the people on Reddit, so that this story is in the top 30 trends right now leads me to believe there’s hope…
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Hundreds of Thousands Protest Globally Over Weekend, Media Coverage Absent

Proliferation of the culture of activism may cure the ills of a docile people. The World — On the weekend of October 10th, dozens of unrelated large protests sprinkled the globe as tensions continued to escalate in the Middle East. Despite hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets around the world, with over a quarter million in Germany alone, national media coverage has been (un)surprisingly quiet regarding these events.
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WikiLeaks: US Government Plotted to Assassinate Bolivian President

TeleSUR noted that, “Relations between the U.S. and Bolivia have been strained since 2009, when President Morales expelled the U.S. ambassador from the country for supporting [an] opposition-led conspiracy against him,” a move that led then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to accuse the president of “fear-mongering.” SUCRE, Bolivia — Cables leaked by U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning reveal an apparent plot by the U.S. government to assassinate Bolivian President Evo Morales and overthrow his administration.
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The U.S. Government Supplied ISIS’ Iconic Pickup Trucks

U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys. They don’t have to look very far …
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Declassified 1952 Footage of the U.S. Navy’s Plans for “Offensive Biological and Chemical Warfare” is Released

It all began in late September of 1950, when over a few days, a Navy vessel used giant hoses to spray a fog of two kinds of bacteria, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii — both believed at the time to be harmless — out into the fog, where they disappeared and spread over the city. The unsuspecting residents of San Francisco certainly could not consent to the military’s germ warfare test, and there’s good evidence that it could have caused the death of at least one resident of the city, Edward Nevin, and hospitalized 10 others.
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Across the country, some students have returned to school to find their classroom doors and, in some cases, windows look a little more intimidating. In the face of alarm over the threat of mass school shootings, the barricades have gone up, literally. Some of the more popular products stop school door movement at the bottom by using an anchor pin drilled into the floor. Others employ a bar that barricades the door in the center, while still more use a sleeve on the door’s closer arm at the top of most classroom doors. They all work by reinforcing the door, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to break through.
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Combat report: Russian jets strike 53 ISIS targets in last 24 hours (VIDEOS)

The Russian Air Force has carried out 55 sorties in the last 24 hours, hitting 53 Islamic State targets in four Syrian provinces and destroying command posts, terrorist training camps and a transfer point, among others. Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 bombers, together with Su-25SM ground support aircraft, bombed ISIS positions in the provinces of Idlib, Latakia, Homs and Hama, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, told journalists.
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How Columbus’ “Discovery” Set Off the Brutal Native American Oppression that Continues Today

Upon arriving on the white sands of Guanahani Island, Christopher Columbus performed a ceremony to “take possession” of the land for his benefactors, the king and queen of Spain. His actions were legitimized under the international laws of Western Christendom. Virtually all American school children are taught about Columbus’s “discovery” as some type of mythical adventure. However, few are aware of the religious doctrine that underpins his taking “possession” of the newly arrived upon land, which has come to be known as the Doctrine of Discovery. Fewer yet are aware that currently – over five hundred years later – the U.S. government still uses this doctrine to uniformly deny Native Americans’ their rights.
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New Book on CIA Master-Plotter Dulles, Sneak Peek: Part 1

No one can possibly understand the precarious state of American democracy today without scrutinizing the often secret path the country was taken on by those in power from the 1950s to the present. Among the elemental figures in forging that path was Allen Dulles. He was the most powerful, and, it appears — the most sinister — director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Given that outfit’s history, that’s some accomplishment.
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The secret of extending life by decades may lie in switching off certain genes, scientists believe, after showing that small genetic tweaks can make organisms live 60 per cent longer. Ten years of research by the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing and the University of Washington has identified 238 genes that, when silenced, increase the lifespan of yeast cells.
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Obama Third President in a Row to Oversee Attack on a Hospital

When the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was attacked on Oct. 3 by a U.S. AC-130 gunship, it was not a unique event. Hospitals have come under fire during conflicts presided over by the two previous presidents as well as Barack Obama. The Geneva Convention, to which the United States is a signatory, prohibits the targeting of hospitals. “Civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict,” according to the treaty.
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Group of 30 global central banks admit QE failed and did nothing for economies

It must be finally getting crunch time for the primary central banks around the world because on Oct. 10, the G30 group of global money printers admitted in a detailed report that the tens of trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and other currencies they have infused into the system has done absolutely nothing for local economies, and instead has accomplished what alternative economists stated would happen from the very beginning… Create asset bubbles, un-payable debt, and assure that there would be no sustainable growth.
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