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10 Shocking Videos Of The Protests In Egypt
That Are Almost Too Graphic To Watch

Published: February 5, 2011
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Source: End Of The American Dream

Over the past week, the mainstream media has not really done a good job of communicating how intense the violence and bloodshed in Egypt has become.  Trucks and cars have been plowing into groups of protesters at high speed, dozens of protesters have been shot and killed, and the violence only seems to get more crazy with each passing day.  Seriously, if you cannot handle scenes of graphic violence and people dying, then you probably should not watch the videos posted below.  These are 10 of the most shocking videos of the protests in Egypt, and they are incredibly graphic.  This is a real revolution that is happening in Egypt and it is very bloody.

What you are about to see is what happens when society collapses.  When violence and bloodshed erupt, suddenly life starts becoming very cheap.  In a couple of the videos posted below, vehicles just plow right over protesters at full speed and the drivers just keep on going.  It is absolutely unbelievable.
But are we any better in the United States?  As I have written about previously, incredibly violent brawls have been erupting in restaurants all across the nation and we aren't even in the midst of a revolution.  So what is going to happen when American society eventually breaks down?

That is something to think about.
For now, there are some very important lessons about humanity that we can learn from what has been happening in Egypt.  The videos posted below are so shocking and so graphic that many of you may find them very difficult to watch....
#1 In this first video, a fire truck runs right over a protester and doesn't even stop....

#2 In this next video, a vehicle steamrolls over an entire group of protesters and just keeps on going....

#3 In the following video, a vehicle plows through dozens of protesters at very high speed and the chaos that erupts afterwards is absolutely incredible....

#4 This next video contains raw footage of a protester being shot dead right in the middle of the street....

#5 The following video from RT shows the incredible chaos that erupted when a group of pro-Mubarak thugs riding horses and camels attacked a large gathering of anti-government protesters....

#6 If you do not want to see the footage of Anderson Cooper getting punched and beat up by protesters, then you are not going to want to watch this next video....

#7 If you do not like dead bodies, then you are not going to want to watch this next video....

#8 The following short video from RT contains a compilation of very disturbing raw footage from the protests of the last couple of days....

#9 In this next video you can almost feel the rage of the protesters as they hurl rocks at lines of police....

#10 Lastly, have you seen the video of the mysterious "ghost horseman" that was captured in mainstream news footage of the Egyptian protests? What in the world is this thing? Go to the 1:18 mark of the video posted below and watch it for yourself....

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